Herman Hesse, the great German author of such books as Steppenwolf, Narcissus and Goldmund, and most notably, Siddhartha, is credited as saying, “the true profession of man is finding his way to himself.” I take that, in part, as saying that finding oneself, and who one really is, is a laudable undertaking. With sixty-nine years of life experience behind me I must say that the great writer failed to tell us just how long a journey that might be. I started out asking such profound questions at the age five when I’d pretend to be a great professor teaching the children my age about letters and numbers. I moved up from there to a box upon which I stood at age ten and spoke about the Gospel and the angels, also to my little play-pals after we tired of slip-and –slide by Ronco!

I turned out to be an eighth grade teacher for a while, then a psychotherapist working at times with terminally ill patients. One of the most interesting things I heard a dying man say was,

“I’m not afraid of death for it will answer one of life’s most interesting questions.” He did not reveal the answer to me, but I certainly hope he was satisfied with the answer he received.

So it is, that as I chase after my seventh decade I am embarking on my third career. One which I hope to share with you. Truly, for while I will not deny that I hope to convince you of the merit of picking up my cook books, children’s books, short stories and other books of fiction, I hope at the same time to provide a practical forum for unpublished authors out there in the uncharted Global Positioning Systems of the very wide, World Wide Web.

I plan to have a great deal of fun writing, publishing to you surfers of the web, and interacting with those of you who have not published yet, but who have a firm belief in your talent and who have a great story to tell and are dying for an audieance to read it!

Hop aboard this train to adventure and the future and let us mark out our true profession!