Pericos  (Scrambled Eggs, Colombian style)

This is a tasty breakfast, quite simple, that goes well with smoked sausage, grits and your favorite bread. I recommend croissants. Not all Colombian, more like eclectic. Trust me, the eggs will be the center piece.


  • 8 or 10 inch skillet. Regular aluminum or cast iron
  • 2 eggs per person
  • 3-4 stalks of green onions
  • ½ Tomato
  • Seasoning (Your choice. Can be just salt and pepper. I use my favorite, garlic and parsley salt.)
  • A dash of ground cumin (Optional)
  • 2 pats of butter or margarine
  • Cut up the green onions in sliced up fashion (1/8 inch slices. But who measures, seriously!)
  • First slice, then dice up ½ tomato, kind of fine
  • Crack and beat your eggs
  • Melt the butter or margarine; once melted, then
  • Drop in the onions and tomato; sauté the mix,
  • And sprinkle in your seasoning; mix it up nicely
  • Fold in your beaten eggs
  • Keep folding in your eggs, until they’re almost dry
  • Remove from the skillet
  • Serve

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